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Short Books for the Intimidated Reader

temp.PNG 2I don’t know what it is about a big fat book that grabs my attention. Maybe it’s knowing that there must be a grand story within its many, many pages, or maybe it’s just the feeling of that substantial weight in my hands. Whatever it is, I love big books (and I cannot lie!). But, for some people, an enormous tome can cause anxiety and intimidation. It can seem like a much bigger task than they had originally set out for; just looking for a fun book to read on the beach, or at a doctors office while waiting for their appointment (ugh, I HATE the doctor). So, with that sort of person in mind, and anyone else who may be interested, I’ve put together a short list of books that are 260 pages or less. I have attempted to vary the genres in the hopes of pleasing everyone, but we all know that is not always possible!



Every Heart A Doorway (Wayward Children, #1) by Seanan McGuire

Genre: Fantasy, YA, Mystery, LGBT

Length: 169 Pages




Synopsis: Children have always disappeared under the right conditions–slipping through the shadows under a bed or at the back of a wardrobe, tumbling down rabbit holes and into old wells and emerging somewhere…else.

But magical lands have little need for used-up miracle children.

Nancy tumbled once, but now she’s back. The things she experienced…they change a person. The children under Miss West’s care understand all too well. And each of them is seeking a way back to their own fantasy world.

But Nancy’s arrival marks a change at the home. There’s a darkness just around each corner, and when tragedy strikes, it’s up to Nancy and her newfound schoolmates to get to the heart of things. No matter the cost.

Note: Don’t be deterred by the fact this book is classified as YA if you are, in fact, an adult. Many books in this genre are for everyone, and just follow younger characters. Honestly, many of the books in this genre I find inappropriate for the age group they are targeting! All books are for everyone, at least thats what I believe. This book was recommended to me by Youtuber A Clockwork Reader. 



Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Mystery

Length: 164 Pages




Synopsis: The small town of Castle Rock, Maine, has witnessed some very strange events and unusual visitors over the years, but there is one story that has never been told…until now.

There are three ways up to Castle View from the town of Castle Rock: Route 117, Pleasant Road, and the Suicide Stairs. Every day in the summer of 1974 twelve-year-old Gwendy Peterson has taken the stairs, which are held by strong (if time-rusted) iron bolts and zig-zag up the cliffside.

At the top of the stairs, Gwendy catches her breath and listens to the shouts of the kids on the nearby playground. From a bit farther away comes the chink of an aluminum bat hitting a baseball as the Senior League kids practice for the Labor Day charity game.

One day, a stranger calls to Gwendy: “Hey girl. Come on over here for a bit. We ought to palaver, you and me.”

On a bench in the shade sits a man in black jeans, a black suit coat, and a white shirt unbuttoned at the top. On his head is a small neat black hat. The time will come when Gwendy has nightmares about that hat…

Note: This is a novella featuring King’s famous imaginary town, Castle Rock, Maine. This town is featured in many of his books including: Cujo, The Dead Zone, and Needful Things, to name a few. It is not required that you read King’s other Castle Rock books to enjoy this novella. It was released as a standalone. Also, Palaver means prolonged and idle discussion. In case you didn’t know. Like me. <All knowing book reader here. Ha.



Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Length: 252 pages





Synopsis: Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, reporter Camille Preaker faces a troubling assignment: she must return to her tiny hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls. For years, Camille has hardly spoken to her neurotic, hypochondriac mother or to the half-sister she barely knows: a beautiful thirteen-year-old with an eerie grip on the town. Now, installed in her old bedroom in her family’s Victorian mansion, Camille finds herself identifying with the young victims–a bit too strongly. Dogged by her own demons, she must unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past if she wants to get the story–and survive this homecoming.

Note: In case you didn’t notice from the cover or you live under a rock, this book has been turned into an HBO series. I haven’t watched it so I can’t speak for it but this book would also be a fun book/tv adaption read/watch. I think it’s fun to watch a tv show/movie adaption based on a book I’ve read and see the producers take on it. The movie is rarely, if ever, better than the book in my opinion, but it’s fun all the same. ( I have a blog post planned for a future date in which I share my favorite book to TV adaptions, so watch out for that!) This book was recommended to me by Sally from Owlcrate’s Youtube Channel.

Until next time, stay book obsessed!

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